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The Town Fire

Premiere: 03|09|2021,
Schlossfestspiele Biedenkopf

»Harald Tauber has a lot of stage experience. The cooperation with the amateur actors: exciting for the experienced musical actor.«

Hessenschau | hr-fernsehen, 03|09|2021

»Ideally cast: the two male leading roles [...] musical professional Harald Tauber as a wealthy Jewish moneylender Anschel with a heart of gold - convincing.«

Hinterländer Anzeiger, 04|09|2021

»Harald Tauber as a Jewish moneylender, Anschel Eichenbaum, leaves no doubts about his many years of stage experience, both in terms of acting and singing. His exceptionally sonorous voice underscores his sympathetic nature. You buy the father role from him just as easily as the confident appearance in business matters and the incidentally interspersed Yiddish expressions. A multi-layered character that also demands a lot from him emotionally. When he finally takes on blame to protect his loved ones, that is one of the most moving scenes in the whole play.«

Kulturfeder, 11|09|2021

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