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„Benjamin Blümchen and the Golden Cat“

Törööö! In November/December, Harald plays the mayor of Neustadt again and searches with Benjamin the Elephant and his friends for an Egyptian cat statue that has suddenly disappeared from the museum. An exciting detective story for the whole family!

Further information and tickets:

Sunday 27|11|11 3:00 pm 33790 Halle/Westfalia
      Gerry Weber Event Center
Sunday 04|12|11 3:00 pm 47226 Duisburg
Tuesday 06|12|11 3:00 pm 66663 Merzig
Wednesday 07|12|11 3:00 pm 67659 Kaiserslautern
      Kulturzentrum Kammgarn
Sunday 11|12|11 3:00 pm 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt


Theatre for Theatre

Since early September, Harald operates under his own name an agency in Cologne. As a theatre scout, he places smaller productions and solo shows at venues in the German-speaking countries, is responsible for the negotiations and creates links between artists, plays and theatres. Information concerning the current programme can be found here:


Free Yvonne!

A runaway cow in the Upper Bavarian district Mühldorf currently arouses a great deal of public and media interest: Shy Yvonne behaves like a deer and hides in a nearby forest, which it leaves only at dusk. Since no one manages to catch it, it has now declared to be fair game! Harald has elaborated her story in a song. Have fun listening!


"Shop of Horrors" pictures

Better keep your hands off lettuce, sprouts and other vegetables at the moment! Other species, however, are also quite something! The following photographs from Mushnik's flower shop at Skid Row show how dangerous the handling of a carnivorous plant can be:
more ...


"Little Shop of Horrors" in Kassel

It keeps on rockin' when Harald, in the the double role of the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello and the carnivorous plant Audrey II, is on the loose in Skid Row from end of April on. "Little Shop of Horrors", directed by Patrick Stanke, is shown until midth of June at the Theater im Centrum (TiC) in Kassel.

Further informationen and tickets:

Friday 29|04|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 01|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 05|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 06|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 08|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 12|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 13|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 19|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 20|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 22|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 26|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 27|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 29|05|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 02|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 03|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 05|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Thursday 09|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Friday 10|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel
Sunday 12|06|11 7:30 pm Theater im Centrum, Kassel


"What a feeling" pictures

Interesting insights into the life of a boys' flat-sharing community and the daily rehearsal routine of a rock band are provided by the pictures of "What a feeling - Eine Chance für die Love Cats" which now can be found in the video area. Enjoy the show!


Pictures of Bibi and Benjamin

Get to know the residents of Neustadt and flip through the family album with Bibi Blocksberg! A photo selection of Bibi, her parents, Benjamin Blümchen and his friends is now available in a new gallery to be found in the video section. Did you recognize them all?


Pinboard instead of guestbook

Ads and banners are gone. Welcome to the new pinboard! Here you can ask questions, make compliments, give criticism, comment on Harald's performances or just leave some greetings. For protection against spam, new entries appear only after release. Questions will be answered as soon as possible. Private messages are only visible to the administrator. Of course, you can still reach us via email! The address is given in the imprint. Have fun posting! We look forward to your entries!


They're back - more successful than ever before! Acclaimed concerts, even a TV contract beckons for the band "Love Cats" reunited after years apart. But then, the singer Marion disappears without a trace. After an impressive casting, Diana, the new one, turns everybody's head. Again, there is trouble between band leader Alex and his partner Aylin, while bassist Ollie sees his coming out and guitarist Chris makes the acquaintance of jail. The final curtain for the band?

Interspersed with the greatest hits of rock and pop history, "What a feeling - Eine Chance für die Love Cats", the sequel to the comedy-musical by Stephen Ohm, is shown after a successful season in Bonn at the Frankfurt Komödie starting from January 2011.
Harald will take the role of the band leader as the likeable loser and philanderer Alex in some shows.

Further information and tickets:


Alex: Léon van Leeuwenberg / Harald Tauber
Aylin: Nicole Rößler
Diana: Elisabeth Ebner
Chris: Stephan Schill
Ollie: Martin Pasching
Rainer: Stephan Ohm
Nelson: Stephan Schott / Patrik Fa


Wed, 16.02.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (8:00 pm Die Komödie)
Thu, 25.02.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (8:00 pm Die Komödie)
Fri, 25.02.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (8:00 pm Die Komödie)
Sat, 26.02.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (6:00 pm Die Komödie)
Sun, 27.02.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (6:00 pm Die Komödie)
Fri, 04.03.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (8:00 pm Die Komödie)
Sat, 05.03.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (8:00 pm Die Komödie)
Sun, 06.03.11 | 60311 Frankfurt on the Main (6:00 pm Die Komödie)


Hex hex and törööö! From October on, Harald makes a detour to the world of family musicals with Bibi Blocksberg and Benjamin Blümchen, the famous radio play and animated figures conceived by the Austrian author Elfie Donnelly. "Bibi Blocksberg Super Show" guarantees the best witch experiences from 30 years of Bibi Blocksberg with lots of music, dance and action live on stage. With "Benjamin Blümchen und die goldene Katze", the Cocomico theatre Cologne in cooperation with KIDDINX studios Berlin brings the speaking elephant's brand new exciting adventure to German-speaking theatres. Harald plays, among other roles, Bibi's father Bernhard Blocksberg, Walpurgia, chairman of the Witch Council and director of the Boarding School for Witches, Gulliver, the raven who leads through the show as a narrator, as well as in both productions the self-satisfied Mayor of Neustadt, the common setting of both plays.

Further information and tickets:

Bibi Blocksberg Super Show:

Sat, 09.10.10 | 67227 Frankenthal (3:00 pm Congress Forum)
Tue, 26.10.10 | A-1070 Vienna (2:00 pm MuseumsQuartier)
Tue, 26.10.10 | A-1070 Vienna (5:00 pm MuseumsQuartier)
Sat, 30.10.10 | 08280 Aue (3:00 pm Kulturhaus)
Sun, 31.10.10 | 45127 Essen (3:00 pm Lichtburg)

Fri, 05.11.10 | 21335 Lüneburg (5:00 pm Vamos! Kulturhalle)
Sat, 06.11.10 | 18059 Rostock (3:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sun, 07.11.10 | 19059 Schwerin (3:00 pm Sport- und Kongresshalle)
Sat, 13.11.10 | 15230 Frankfurt/Oder (3:00 pm Messehalle 1)
Sun, 14.11.10 | 17033 Neubrandenburg (3:00 pm Stadthalle)
Fri, 19.11.10 | 59071 Hamm (4:00 pm Maximilianpark)
Sat, 20.11.10 | 50679 Cologne (2:00 pm Theater am Tanzbrunnen)
Mon, 29.11.10 | 72250 Freudenstadt (3:00 pm Theater im Kurhaus)
Tue, 30.11.10 | 73430 Aalen (3:00 pm Stadthalle)

Wed, 01.12.10 | 74072 Heilbronn (3:00 pm Harmonie)
Fri, 03.12.10 | 41061 Mönchengladbach (4:00 pm Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle)
Sat, 04.12.10 | 50126 Bergheim (4:00 pm Medio.Rhein.Erft)
Sun, 05.12.10 | L-6486 Echternach (5:00 pm Trifolion)
Tue, 07.12.10 | 30159 Hanover (5:00 pm Theater am Aegi)
Wed, 08.12.10 | 25813 Husum (4:00 pm Neue Messehalle)
Fri, 10.12.10 | 47226 Duisburg (3:00 pm Rheinhausenhalle)
Sat, 11.12.10 | 33790 Halle/Westfalen (3:00 pm Gerry Weber Event Center)
Sun, 12.12.10 | 44791 Bochum (3:00 pm RuhrCongress)
Fri, 17.12.10 | 24937 Flensburg (4:00 pm Deutsches Haus)
Sat, 18.12.10 | 24103 Kiel (2:00 pm Sparkassen-Arena)
Sun, 19.12.10 | 48155 Münster (3:00 pm Halle Münsterland)
Sun, 26.12.10 | 97070 Würzburg (3:00 pm CCW)
Mon, 27.12.10 | 49074 Osnabrück (3:00 pm OsnabrückHalle)
Tue, 28.12.10 | 26123 Oldenburg (3:00 pm Weser-Ems-Halle)
Wed, 29.12.10 | 28195 Bremen (3:00 pm Die Glocke)
Thu, 30.12.10 | 10437 Berlin (2:00 pm Max-Schmeling-Halle)

Fri, 07.01.11 | 06112 Halle/Saale (2:00 pm Steintor Varieté)
Fri, 07.01.11 | 06112 Halle/Saale (5:00 pm Steintor Varieté)
Sat, 08.01.11 | 04109 Leipzig (3:00 pm Gewandhaus)
Sun, 09.01.11 | 29221 Celle (2:30 pm Congress Union)
Sun, 16.01.11 | 65549 Limburg (4:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sat, 22.01.11 | 89407 Dillingen (3:00 pm Stadtsaal am Kolpingplatz)
Sun, 23.01.11 | 86368 Gersthofen (3:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sat, 29.01.11 | 01067 Dresden (3:00 pm Kulturpalast)
Sun, 30.01.11 | 01067 Dresden (11:00 am Kulturpalast)
Sun, 30.01.11 | 01067 Dresden (3:00 pm Kulturpalast)

Sat, 12.03.11 | 33098 Paderborn (5:00 pm Paderhalle)
Sun, 20.03.11 | 09111 Chemnitz (3:00 pm Stadthalle)

Benjamin Blümchen und die goldene Katze:

Sun, 17.10.10 | 09111 Chemnitz (3:00 pm Stadthalle)
Wed, 20.10.10 | 71229 Leonberg (5:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sun, 24.10.10 | 66571 Eppelborn (3:30 pm big Eppel)

Wed, 17.11.10 | 49716 Meppen (4:00 pm Theater im Windthorst-Gymnasium)
Sat, 27.11.10 | A-1110 Vienna (2:00 pm Gasometer)
Sat, 27.11.10 | A-1110 Vienna (5:00 pm Gasometer)

Sat, 15.01.11 | 50126 Bergheim (3:00 pm Medio.Rhein.Erft)

Sat, 12.02.11 | 26123 Oldenburg (3:00 pm Weser-Ems-Halle)
Sun, 13.02.11 | 28195 Bremen (3:00 pm Die Glocke)
Sun, 20.02.11 | 84453 Mühldorf (3:00 pm Stadtsaal)

Fri, 11.03.11 | 52477 Alsdorf (2:30 pm Stadthalle)

Sat, 21.05.11 | 95100 Selb (3:00 pm Rosenthal-Theater)

Subject to change!


Where is the summer? Those who want to know how Tecklenburg spent the warmest time of the year in 2010 will now find a selection of press photos, scene pictures and snapshots of the open air productions "3 Musketeers" and "West Side Story" under the menue item "Musical Theatre" in the category video. Have fun watching!


"Tutanchamun" in Egypt

Unfortunately, Harald had to cancel the
performances of "Tut Ankh Amon -
The Musical"
in Cairo/Alexandria from
October 25, 2010 to November 02, 2010
owing to personal reasons.


Jets against Sharks in front of a sold-out audience: The Tecklenburg premiere of "West Side Story" was a complete success! Short reviews are to be found in the press section.

But what happens backstage during the show? The team of the WDR news program "Lokalzeit" had a look behind the scenes of the production. The TV clip can be seen in the video section.


Kick-off - shot - goal! Just in time for the FIFA World Cup 2010 ™ Harald has posed for photographs wearing the brand new away jersey of the German Football Association for the website of the Cologne-based company stadionbild.

stadionbild stands for modern dialogue marketing - the development of on the interests of the customer tailored graphics and media concepts. The "playmakers" are Marco Hückel (project and production management, strategy) and Michael Palm (photo production, creation). Their reference list is long: The 1.FC Köln, Adidas, Action Man, Audi, Barilla Wasa Germany, DHL, Diebels brewery, Gothaer insurance, REWE Group and superRTL are just a few companies the team has already collaborated with.


Be regularly informed about news on the site with the current RSS feed! How? It's simple: To subscribe and read click on the orange icon at the top right in the command bar or the browser field, or enter the following URL:  Done! (The newsfeed is only available in German.)


Look it up on Wikipedia ! Harald has his own article
now, in the German part of the online encyclopedia.


The premiere of the Tecklenburg production of 3 Musketeers was met with great enthusiasm by audience and critics. A first selection of short reviews can be found in the press section.

3 Musketeers without exciting sword fights? Unthinkable! The team of WDR Lokalzeit has visited the cast a few days before the premiere at the fencing training conducted by Malcolm Ranson. The entire TV report can be seen in the video section.


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In the summer, Harald will be part of the ensemble in both musical productions at the Freilichtspiele Tecklenburg.
Further information and tickets:

The musical based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas tells the story of young D'Artagnan who dreams about being a musketeer in Paris and not even suspects what danger he puts himself into. Because Paris is not only a place of joy, but also the center of the dispute between King Louis XIII. and the scheming Cardinal Richelieu.

Harald will play the Duke of Buckingham in Tecklenburg.

Music/Lyrics: Rob and Ferdi Bolland
Orchestration/Additional Songs: Paul Bogaev
Book: André Breedland, Gerard Cox
Additional Lyrics: André Breedland, Gerard Cox, Jan-Simon Minkema, Petra van der Eerden

Director: Marc Clear
Choreographer: Doris Marlis
Musical Director: Klaus Hillebrecht

Sat, 19.06.10, 20:00
Fri, 25.06.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 26.06.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 02.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 03.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 04.07.10, 7:00 pm
Fri, 09.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 10.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 11.07.10, 7:00 pm
Fri, 16.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 17.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 24.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 25.07.10, 7:00 pm
Sat, 07.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 08.08.10, 7:00 pm
Thu, 12.08.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 13.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 21.08.10, 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm
Sun, 22.08.10, 7:00 pm

Two gangs are fighting for supremacy in the slums of New York: the "Jets" (native Americans) and the "Sharks" (immigrated Puerto Ricans). Against this background of aggression, Bernstein and his co-authors set the love story between Tony and Maria, freely based on Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", which, in this hostile atmosphere, has to become a tragedy.

Harald will be Diesel, one of the "Jets", in this play.

Music: Leonard Bernstein
Book: Arthur Laurents
Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim

Director: Helga Wolf
Choreographer: Doris Marlis
Musical Director: Tjaard Kirsch

Fri, 23.07.10, 20:00
Fri, 30.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 31.07.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 01.08.10, 7:00 pm
Thu, 05.08.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 06.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 14.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 15.08.10, 7:00 pm
Thu, 19.08.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 20.08.10, 8:00 pm
Wed, 25.08.10, 8:00 pm
Thu, 26.08.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 27.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 28.08.10, 8:00 pm
Sun, 29.08.10, 7:00 pm
Wed, 01.09.10, 8:00 pm
Thu, 02.09.10, 8:00 pm
Fri, 03.09.10, 8:00 pm
Sat, 04.09.10, 8:00 pm

October 2009

The full record CD and DVD of the "Gustav Klimt - The Musical" world premiere featuring the original cast are available from 16 October 2009! - now with own video channel:

September 2009

For the first time in 2 years, Harald is going to perform with the Austrian band a³ [klein a hoch drei] at Essers Gasthaus in Cologne-Neuehrenfeld on Monday, 28 September 2009.
Further informationen:


5 years of "Musical Fieber" - Harald will again be one of the soloists and resident director on this year's tour! In more than 2 ½ hours, the show combines highlights from 20 of the world's most successful musical productions. In addition to "Dirty Dancing", "We Will Rock You", "Mamma Mia", "Lion King", "Wicked", "Sister Act" and "Ich war noch niemals in New York", scenes from the musicals "Mozart!", "Rocky Horror Show", "Dance of the Vampires", "Hairspray" and "Der Schuh des Manitu" will be part of the great jubilee tour's new programme. The performers will, of course, be accompanied by a live band!

Direction: Daniel Witzke
Choreography: Sylvania Pen
Musical Direction: Matthias Hamburger

Karin Basann, Kristian Lucas, Lillemor Spitzer, Harald Tauber, Katja Wiesigkstrauch

Juliane Bischoff, Aline Lua Lago, Stefan Rozyczka, Michael Wallfass

Alessandro Di Sazio, Katrin Koschalka, Tanja Pamukow, Alen Vucko

Tilman Hintze (Keyboard), Jan Kirsten / Carsten Schiffer (Guitar), Kayodé Eschrich / Jan-Peter Lencer (Bass), Sebastian Trupart (Drums)

Further information and tickets:


Sat, 26.12.09 | D-63739 Aschaffenburg (8:00 pm Stadthalle am Schloß)
Sun, 27.12.09 | D-35576 Wetzlar (7:00 pm Rittal Arena)
Mon, 28.12.09 | D-65189 Wiesbaden (7:30 pm Kurhaus)
Tue, 29.12.09 | D-97922 Lauda-Königshofen (7:30 pm Stadthalle)
Wed, 30.12.09 | D-85435 Erding (7:30 pm Stadthalle)

Sat, 02.01.10 | D-82515 Wolfratshausen (8:00 pm Loisachhalle)
Sun, 03.01.10 | D-88212 Ravensburg (7:00 pm Konzerthaus)
Mon, 04.01.10 | D-86356 Neusäß (7:00 pm Stadthalle)
Tue, 05.01.10 | D-83022 Rosenheim (8:00 pm Kultur-und Kongresszentrum)
Wed, 06.01.10 | D-96047 Bamberg (7:00 pm Konzert- und Kongresshalle)
Thu, 07.01.10 | D-96450 Coburg (7:30 pm Kongresshaus Rosengarten)
Fri, 08.01.10 | D-64283 Darmstadt (8:00 pm Darmstadtium)
Sat, 09.01.10 | D-35037 Marburg (8:00 pm Stadthalle)
Mon, 11.01.10 | D-67059 Ludwigshafen (7:30 pm Konzertsaal im Pfalzbau)
Tue, 12.01.10 | D-77656 Offenburg (7:30 pm Oberrheinhalle)
Wed, 13.01.10 | D-67346 Speyer (8:00 pm Stadthalle)
Thu, 14.01.10 | D-76137 Karlsruhe (7:30 pm Konzerthaus)
Fri, 15.01.10 | D-79713 Bad Säckingen (8:00 pm Gloria-Theater)
Sat, 16.01.10 | D-75050 Gemmingen (8:00 pm Kraichgauhalle)
Sun, 17.01.10 | D-66113 Saarbrücken (7:00 pm Saarlandhalle)
Tue, 19.01.10 | D-55743 Idar-Oberstein (7:30 pm Stadttheater)
Sat, 20.01.10 | D-76530 Baden-Baden (7:30 pm Kurhaus, Bénazetsaal)
Thu, 21.01.10 | D-89073 Ulm (7:30 pm Congress Centrum)
Fri, 22.01.10 | D-65428 Rüsselsheim (8:00 pm Theater)
Sat, 23.01.10 | D-56427 Siershahn (8:00 pm unikat Eventhalle)
Sun, 24.01.10 | D-53879 Euskirchen (7:00 pm City-Forum)
Sat, 30.01.10 | D-17291 Prenzlau (8:00 pm Uckerseehalle)

Thu, 04.02.10 | D-21423 Winsen/Luhe (7:30 pm Stadthalle)
Fri, 05.02.10 | D-18273 Güstrow (8:00 pm Sport- und Kongresshalle)
Sat, 06.02.10 | D-17121 Loitz (8:00 pm Peenetalhalle)
Sun, 07.02.10 | D-17491 Greifswald (7:30 pm Mehrzweckhalle im Schönwalde-Center)
Mon, 08.02.10 | D-18435 Stralsund (7:30 pm Theater Stralsund)
Tue, 09.02.10 | D-18435 Stralsund (7:30 pm Theater Stralsund)
Thu, 25.02.10 | D-23843 Bad Oldesloe (7:30 pm Stormarnhalle)
Sat, 27.02.10 | D-15749 Mittenwalde (6:00 pm Mehrzweckhalle Mittenwalde)
Sun, 28.02.10 | D-18059 Rostock (6:00 pm Stadthalle)

Wed, 03.03.10 | D-78050 Villingen-Schwenningen (7:30 pm Neue Tonhalle)
Thu, 04.03.10 | D-78727 Oberndorf (7:30 pm Neckarhalle)
Fri, 05.03.10 | D-73614 Schorndorf (8:00 pm Barbara-Künkelin-Halle)
Sat, 06.03.10 | D-76726 Germersheim (8:00 pm Stadthalle)
Mon, 08.03.10 | D-64579 Gernsheim (7:30 pm Stadthalle)
Tue, 09.03.10 | D-69469 Weinheim (7:30 pm Stadthalle)
Wed, 10.03.10 | D-69168 Wiesloch (7:30 pm Palatin Kulturzentrum)
Thu, 11.03.10 | D-66877 Ramstein (8:00 pm Haus des Bürgers)
Fri, 12.03.10 | D-57537 Wissen (8:00 pm Kulturhalle)
Sat, 13.03.10 | D-54634 Bitburg (8:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sun, 14.03.10 | D-47608 Geldern (7:00 pm Aula im Lise-Meitner-Gymnasium)
Fri, 19.03.10 | D-37327 Leinefelde (8:00 pm Obereichsfeldhalle)
Sat, 20.03.10 | D-04668 Grimma (8:00 pm GGI Muldentalhalle)
Sun, 21.03.10 | D-04564 Böhlen (7:00 pm Kultur- und Kongresscenter)
Sat, 27.03.10 | D-26382 Wilhelmshaven (8:00 pm Stadthalle)
Sun, 28.03.10 | D-27283 Verden (7:00 pm Stadthalle)

Subject to change!

July - August 2009

An interview with Harald will be published in the Wiener Neustadt edition of the Niederösterreichische Nachrichten on Tuesday, 14 July 2009.


Under the stage name Hazza he is currently working on a solo project with own songs.

Passionate, mysterious, breathtaking, contradictory: Thus fascinate not only the works of Gustav Klimt, but also the life of the most famous Austrian painter. Klimt established the Vienna Jugendstil, was a precursor of modernity and he lived in extremes. A lifelong, furious fight for artistic and personal freedom. "Gustav Klimt - The Musical" (Music: Gerald Gratzer, Book: Niki Neuspiel, Sissi Gruber) 2009 is another world premiere for the Festspiele Gutenstein: The area of conflict in the paintings of Gustav Klimt, the Jugendstil-costumes, the musical-rock-music and the multimedia-based décor join together as a mixture of arts.

Koloman Moser

Harald will play the role of Koloman (Kolo) Moser: an Austrian painter and graphic artist (1868-1918), important representative of the Jugendstil in Vienna, co-founder of the Vienna Secession and the Vienna Werkstaette, designed also jewellery, glasses, ceramics, wallpapers, fabrics and furniture, created stage décors, posters, postcards, illustrated books and magazines.

Performances: 2 Juli until 9 August 2009

Further informationen and tickets:

December 2008 - April 2009

From 25 December 2008 on, Harald will be touring Germany as a soloist in the show "Musical Fieber". The gala presents the most successful songs in 20 years of musical history including classics like "Cats", "Starlight Express" und "Elisabeth" über "König der Löwen", "Jekyll & Hyde", "Evita" und "Aida", dance musicals like "Dirty Dancing" and "Grease", "Mamma Mia!", "Buddy Holly" and "We Will Rock You" as well as brand new hits from "Wicked!", "Ich war noch niemals in New York" and "Tarzan". In contrast to many other galas, the singers and dancers will be accompanied by a real band - everything is live!

Direction: Matthias Sievert
Choreography/Co-Direction: Stephan Brauer
Costumes: Maria Landgraf
Musical Direction/Arrangements: Matthias Hamburger

Further informationen:

Tickethotline: 01805-570000 (0,14 €/min, mobile phone rates may vary)


Thursday 25.12.2008 | 33602 Bielefeld, Rudolf-Oetker-Halle
Friday 26.12.2008 | 44139 Dortmund, Westfalenhalle 3A
Saturday 27.12.2008 | 45657 Recklinghausen, Ruhrfestspielhaus
Sunday 28.12.2008 | 55116 Mainz, Rheingoldhalle
Monday 29.12.2008 | 65189 Wiesbaden, Kurhaus
Tuesday 30.12.2008 | 89522 Heidenheim, Konzerthaus
Wednesday 31.12.2008 | 83471 Berchtesgaden, Kur- und Kongresshaus

Friday 02.01.2009 | 87700 Memmingen, Stadthalle
Saturday 03.01.2009 | 82362 Weilheim, Stadthalle
Sunday 04.01.2009 | 89073 Ulm, CCU (Einsteinsaal)
Monday 05.01.2009 | 72622 Nürtingen, K3N Stadthalle
Tuesday 06.01.2009 | 88212 Ravensburg, Konzerthaus
Wednesday 07.01.2009 | 88400 Biberach/Riß, Stadthalle
Thursday 08.01.2009 | 87616 Marktoberdorf, Modeon
Friday 09.01.2009 | 86159 Augsburg, Kongresshalle
Saturday 10.01.2009 | 76530 Baden-Baden, Kurhaus
Sunday 11.01.2009 | 64283 Darmstadt, Darmstadtium
Monday 12.01.2009 | 68161 Mannheim, Mozartsaal
Tuesday 13.01.2009 | 96450 Coburg, Kongresshaus Rosengarten
Wednesday 14.01.2009 | 95326 Kulmbach, Dr.-Stammberger-Halle
Thursday 15.01.2009 | 93426 Roding, Stadthalle "Haus Ostmark"
Friday 16.01.2009 | 90552 Röthenbach, Karl-Diehl-Halle
Saturday 17.01.2009 | 93053 Regensburg, Audimax
Sunday 18.01.2009 | 92421 Schwandorf, Oberpfalzhalle
Monday 19.01.2009 | 92637 Weiden, Max-Reger-Halle

Thursday 22.01.2009 | 84508 Burgkirchen, Bürgerzentrum
Friday 23.01.2009 | 91438 Bad Windsheim, Kur- und Kongress-Center
Saturday 24.01.2009 | 91257 Pegnitz, Christian-Sammet-Halle

Saturday 31.01.2009 | 22846 Norderstedt, TriBühne Norderstedt
Sunday 01.02.2009 | 25746 Heide, Stadttheater
Monday 02.02.2009 | 21073 Hamburg-Harburg, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle
Tuesday 03.02.2009 | 25813 Husum, Kongresshalle
Wednesday 04.02.2009 | 24768 Rendsburg, Nordmarkhalle
Thursday 05.02.2009 | 24534 Neumünster, Theater in der Stadthalle
Friday 06.02.2009 | 23554 Lübeck, Musik- und Kongresshalle
Saturday 07.02.2009 | 23843 Bad Oldesloe, Stormarnhalle

Saturday 28.02.2009 | 26931 Elsfleth, Stadthalle
Sunday 01.03.2009 | 26871 Papenburg, Alte Werft

Friday 06.03.2009 | 36269 Philippsthal, Kreuzberghalle
Saturday 07.03.2009 | 64711 Erbach, Werner-Borchers-Halle

Friday 13.03.2009 | 73728 Esslingen, Neckarforum
Saturday 14.03.2009 | 79379 Müllheim, Bürgerhaus
Sunday 15.03.2009 | 77948 Friesenheim, Sternenberghalle
Monday 16.03.2009 | 77756 Hausach, Stadthalle
Tuesday 17.03.2009 | 79713 Bad Säckingen, Gloria-Theater
Wednesday 18.03.2009 | 78532 Tuttlingen, Neue Stadthalle
Thursday 19.03.2009 | 78628 Rottweil, Stadthalle
Friday 20.03.2009 | 88630 Pfullendorf, Stadthalle
Saturday 21.03.2009 | 91325 Adelsdorf, Aischgrundhalle
Sunday 22.03.2009 | 91320 Ebermannstadt, Stadthalle

Thursday 26.03.2009 | 42555 Velbert, Forum Niederberg
Friday 27.03.2009 | 56235 Ransbach-Baumbach, Stadthalle
Saturday 28.03.2009 | 66606 St. Wendel, Saalbau
Sunday 29.03.2009 | 55469 Simmern, Hunsrückhalle
Monday 30.03.2009 | 56068 Koblenz, Rhein-Mosel-Halle
Tuesday 31.03.2009 | 50126 Bergheim, Medio Rhein Erft
Thursday 02.04.2009 | 40591 Düsseldorf, Philipshalle
Friday 03.04.2009 | 58636 Iserlohn, Parktheater

July - August 2008

This year, for the first time, the festival theatre Gutenstein/Lower Austria shows a musical: "Tutanchamun" tells the story of the most famous pharao of classical antiquity. From his childhood, his coronation at the age of nine, his difficult regency which was overshadowed by struggles for power and intrigues at the court to the story of his great love for Anchesenamun. Moving and humourously, embedded into the exotic of mystic rituals and fantastic representations of ancient Egypt.

In this production, Harald will be "Ofir", the king's first writer. According to the role's description a "pernickety bureaucrat and opportunist who always knows everything better; a great character role with comedian talent".

Music: Gerald Gratzer        Tutanchamun: Jesper Tydén
Book: Sissi Gruber, Birgit Nawrata, Niki Neuspiel        Anchesenamun: Sabine Mayer
Direction: Dean Welterlen        Haremhab: Rob Fowler
Choreography: Cedric Lee Bradley        Eje: André Bauer
         Teje/Saamiya: Kerstin Ibald
       Ofir: Harald Tauber

3 July until 10 August 2008

Further informationen:

In Cooperation with the exhibition "Tutankhamun and the World of the Pharaohs" at the Museum of Ethnology Vienna:

May - June 2008

Kerstin Ibald, Jesper Tydén, André Bauer, Sabine Mayer, Rob Fowler, Harald Tauber

The cast of the new musical production "Tutanchamun" presented itself to the press on Wednesday, 14 May 2008 at 10:00 am with an eastern breakfast at the "Orient & Occident" near the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Rehearsals in Gutenstein kick off at the beginning of June (23 June, 3:00 pm: Day of the Open Door). The original cast CD will be available starting from the world premiere on 3 July at the festival theatre and in various record shops.

March 2008

On 1 April 2008, Harald will leave the ensemble of "We Will Rock You" after almost three and a half years on stage at the Cologne Musical Dome.

January 2008

Besides his engagement in Cologne, Harald will also be walk-in cover "Dieter", "Doc" and "Khashoggi" at the Austrian production of "We Will Rock You" at the Raimund Theater in Vienna from 24 January 2008 until 13 July 2008.


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